European Women’s Lobby Hosts General Assembly and Seminar on Migrant Women’s Rights
Wednesday, November 21, 2007 4:17 PM

On October 26th and 27th, 2007, the European Women’s Lobby held their annual General Assembly. Just prior, there was a special seminar addressing the rights of migrant women in the European Union, addressing an issue that is part of a broader project begun in January. The seminar focused on engaging NGOs working on behalf of migrant women to mobilize and strengthen their capacity. Also, strategies to advance the rights of migrant women in EU countries as well as on the European level were discussed. Members of the European Women’s Lobby as well as migrant women’s activists were present. For more information: Maria Collins,

At the General Assembly, delegates and guests from 29 EU states and European NGOs met to discuss five themes for the conference. The themes were discussed in depth by issue groups made up of attendees: violence against women and migrant women; women in decision making and in entrepreneurship; trafficking and prostitution, and conflict prevention and gender. The Assembly also passed a resolution to demand EU legislation on equality between men and women in every aspect of social life.

Compiled from: Editorial, European Women’s Lobby, October 2007