Georgia Drafts New Domestic Violence Law
Wednesday, October 5, 2005 11:30 AM

A new draft law on domestic violence has been introduced in the Georgian Parliament. The draft law would allow victims of domestic violence to seek civil orders from the court that direct abusers to leave the home and stay away from victims. The law provides immediate protection to victims of domestic violence without requiring that they pursue criminal remedies against or divorce from their abusers. The orders would be valid for three month periods and extensions could be applied for. The draft law also allows police officers to issue temporary restraining orders, valid for 48 hours, when they observe evidence of domestic violence. The temporary orders could be brought before a judge to be extended into a three month order.  The draft law also provides that criminal charges of domestic violence are grounds in and of themselves for the issuance of a protection order.  Under the draft law, a violation of either a protection order or a police-issued temporary restraining order is a criminal offense.

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Compiled from:
"Draft Law of Georgia on Combating Domestic Violence, Protection of and Support to Its Victims"