A Handbook on Issues of Transition from the Commission on Human Rights to the Human Rights Council
Tuesday, November 14, 2006 1:19 PM

A new chapter for human rights

The International Service for Human Rights (ISHR) and Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) have developed this handbook to facilitate the participation of NGOs and human rights defenders at the newly formed Human Rights Council. The handbook highlights the major issues of transition from the Commission to the Council. It briefly describes the old system under the Commission, what the Council needs to consider and do during its first year, and some of the key issues, and existing suggestions and choices. The handbook also identifies the main questions around each of these issues to generate discussion and reflection on what NGOs and defenders hope can be achieved through the system, what features they think would be useful, and better options.

We have some spare copies of the Handbook available for those of you who have limited access to the Internet. For a copy of the Handbook, please contact us at information@ishr-sidh.ch and give us a brief description of your organisation and its mandate.

To download the entire handbook please click hereDownload individual chapters (all chapters are available as PDF documents):

Cover page, contents and foreword

Chapter 1.


Chapter 2.

Agenda and Rules of Procedure

Chapter 3.

Special Procedures

Chapter 4.

Sub-Commission and System of Expert Advice

Chapter 5.

Complaint Procedure

Chapter 6.

Universal Periodic Review

Chapter 7.

Participation of NGOs and NHRIs

Chapter 8.

Pending Standard-Setting

Chapter 9.



There are a series of annexes with key documents, compilations and tables of information that have been prepared to accompany the handbook. To view the list of annexes click here.

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Reprinted with permission from the International Service for Human Rights