Hungary: International Exhibition and Conference on Sexist Advertising
Wednesday, May 30, 2007 1:15 PM

ADS AND GENDERS: International Exhibition and Conference on Sexist Advertising

Budapest, Hungary, 2007

The aim of project “Ads and genders” is to draw attention to the fact that sexist advertising that presents women and men through simplified gender stereotypes has a harmful effect on society and hinders the fulfillment of one of the European Union’s top priorities of achieving gender equality. Sexually explicit advertising is especially frequent among new member countries in Central and Eastern Europe and therefore the project’s main focus is on Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland.

At the exhibition visitors will face photographs from streets and public places and will see how people are bombarded with negative gender stereotypes each day. The event also includes documentary films and a workshop that will serve as a platform for NGOs and advertisers to exchange their views and experiences on the issue in question.

Location: Godor Klub Cultural Centre and Park at Erzsébet Square, Budapest V. Erzsébet tér.

Opening hours: From the 11th June to the 15th July, 2007, 16-24 every day, including weekends.

It is a free event.

For the official website of the project, click here.