International Conference Speakers Discuss Legislation in Serbia
Friday, January 5, 2007 12:12 PM

Representatives from the Serbia Autonomous Women's Center (AWC) recently participated in the International Conference on Domestic Violence held in Armenia in December.  The presenters discussed recent legislative protections against domestic violence for women, men and children.  The presenters discussed the gains and obstacles for implementing the recent domestic violence laws in the Balkan country.

Slavoljupka Pavlovic discussed the current climate around women's rights and domestic violence in Serbia, including accepted norms of patriarchal behavior and culture engrained in Serbian society.  She recognized the importance of women's NGOs commitment to the issue and integration into the European Union as important reasons why there are new domestic violence laws on the books in Serbia.  She outlines the Family Law, introduced in July 2005, which allows for orders for protection against abusers.

Jelena Keserovic continues with a discussion on the lobbying efforts by AWC and challenges that women and advocates face in securing protection from domestic violence and implementing approved domestic violence laws.  She concludes by outlining objectives for AWC as conveyed by participants in their client program. 

To view transcripts of the presentations in English, click here.


Serbia Autonomous Women's Center
Slavoljupka Pavlovic
Jelena Keserovic

Compiled from: "Legislation on Domestic Violence in Serbia: Lobbyin, Implementation, Successes and Obstacles." Women's United Nations Report Network. December 2006.