Journey to Safety Video and Facilitator's Guide Now Available
Monday, July 2, 2007 2:55 PM

Journey to Safety is an artistic stage presentation of the challenges facing battered refugee and immigrant women when negotiating legal, medical and government systems. The performance by Pangea World Theater is based on a 2004 report issued by The Advocates for Human Rights. In order to access services and protection, battered refugee and immigrant women must overcome obstacles such as language barriers, fear of deportation, and community pressures. Pangea World Theater and The Advocates for Human Rights have collaborated to create a training designed for government agencies, educational institutions, and civic groups. 

The Advocates for Human Rights and Pangea World Theater has created the Journey to Safety Video and Facilitators Guide to allow a wider audience access to this important and effective learning tool. The Journey to Safety Video and Facilitator’s Guide are designed to put participants in the shoes of an immigrant victim of domestic violence as she tries to negotiate the legal, medical and government systems. Through the video and accompanying activities, participants will feel more connected and engaged in the experience of victims of domestic violence and hopefully more motivated to work for change.  

The Journey to Safety Video contains the 40-minute Journey to Safety performance as well as three case studies and interviews with policemen, policymakers, prosecutors, judges, medical professionals, and other legal advocates. These interviews serve as further testimonials to the obstacles to safety that immigrant victims of domestic violence face, as well as to the groundbreaking work being done to overcome these obstacles. 

The six activities included in the Facilitator’s Guide are designed to complement the information being presented in the performance and allow participants to 1) identify the barriers, 2) research and understand the complexity of the issues, and 3) develop strategies to address the problem. The activities are written specifically for adult audiences and are suitable for both beginners and for those who already have significant experience working on immigration and domestic violence issues.  

This Facilitator’s Guide also provides a wide range of information and tools for professionals working with immigrant victims of domestic violence, such as fact sheets, referral lists, case studies, and domestic violence resources.  

To download a free copy of the Journey to Safety Faciliator's Guide, click here.  To order "Journey to Safety: The Battered Immigrant Woman's Experience" Video and Facilitator's Guide ($25), click here.


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