Kosovo Addresses Increase in Internal Trafficking
Tuesday, August 30, 2005 1:15 PM

In the past, victims of trafficking were often routed through or destined for Kosovo. Kosovo established procedures to combat this trafficking. "The key steps include identifying victims, providing them with legal advice, ensuring their protection and shelter, and repatriating them." Now however, Kosovo is also a place of origin for victims of trafficking, victims who will remain in Kosovo. New procedures are necessary to reintegrate the victims into "normal life."

In response, the OSCE Mission in Kosovo, the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, The Centre to Protect Victims and Prevent Trafficking in Human Beings (PVPT) and the International Labor Organization organized a workshop in June "aimed at developing a comprehensive referral mechanism for victims and assisting them in reintegrating into society." The OSCE Mission identified a four-step approach to reintegration. First, the victim must be identified and removed from the sitatuation and then placed in a shelter. Second, psychiatric care is arranged and the victim is reintegrated into her family or in other apropriate housing. The last two steps ensure that the victim completes missed education and finds economic opportunities that increase independence.

Those who participated in the workshop are producing a "resource guide on reintegration servcies available in Kosovo." It will also note what changes need to be made to create a "full reintegration system."  Pilot programs will be launched and depending upon their success, "will be revised and expanded throughout Kosovo." The OSCE indicates that success is dependent upon full government funding and cooperation between government and NGOs.

Cited in: "Reintegrating Kosovo's domestic human trafficking victims," OSCE, 19 July 2005.