Mexican Federal Law Lacks Enforcement and Adoption by States
Tuesday, May 27, 2008 1:23 PM

A federal law passed in Mexico in February 2007 requires law enforcement officials to punish acts of violence against women and respond to women's complaints, but legislators and activists report that violence against women remains prevalent in Mexico and complaints often go unanswered. Nearly one-third of Mexico's states have not adopted the law, and where it has been adopted, it is frequently ignored by public administrators, police, and sometimes even judges. When women try to report crimes, they are often turned away or persuaded not to file charges. The lack of enforcement and continued pervasiveness of violence against women are believed to be rooted in the widespread acceptance of such violence in Mexican culture.

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Compiled from: Franco Ordonez, "Macho culture stymies help for Mexican women," Miami Herald, 16 May 2008.