Moldova Law on Gender Equality Passed 9 February 2006
Monday, July 10, 2006 10:57 AM

The Moldovan Parliament adopted the Law on Ensuring Equal Opportunities for Women and Men on 9 February 2006.  The law addresses equality between men and women in the public domain (Chapter II), socio-economic sphere (Chapter III) and education and healthcare (Chapter IV). In each chapter, the law provides the specific requirements that must be met within the corresponding area of concern.  The law also outlines the institutional framework in which the law shall be enforced.  (Chapter V). Bodies charged with enforcing the law include: Parliament, Government, Governmental Committee for equality between women and men, Ministry of Health and Social Protection (specialized body), ministries and other central administrative authorities (gender units), local public administration authorities (gender units).  (Article 15). Finally, the law gives persons the right to reparations for violations of this law and holds those who violate the law liable.  (Article 24). 

Compiled from: Law on Ensuring Equal Opportunities for Women and Men, No. 5-XVI (February 9, 2006) (Moldova).