Moldova Passes Gender Equality Law
Wednesday, February 15, 2006 11:45 AM

On 9 February 2006, the Moldovan parliament passed a law in the final reading which requires gender equality in public and private sectors. The law guarantees equality of access for both men and women to governmental posts as well as private sector employment. A proposal to require at least 30% of all candidates on electoral lists to be women stirred debate among the members of Parliament. Some argued that after years of being relegated to a different level of society, women needed the push of a quota to be adequately represented in the new democracy. Others, both men and women, stated that such stipulations would undermine the women candidates' individual qualifications and skills. The specific proposal was opposed by the majority of lawmakers, while the law on equality passed in its first version with 65 votes in favor and 2 against.

Compiled from: "Principle of Equal Chances for Women and Men Legislated in Moldova",, 9 Februrary 2006.