New Book on Women Activists, "Rising up in Response"
Tuesday, December 6, 2005 10:10 AM

Women activists are at the forefront of humanitarian action around the world. They are in the midst of the conflict before the international community arrives, and they remain after the international community has gone. The book, "Rising Up in Response: Women's Rights Activism in Conflict," documents the activities of women activists around the world, including current mechanisms used to address violence. It also identifies barriers to activism. The author offers recommendations for sustaining current efforts and improving mechanisms that prevent and address violence.

The study that preceded the publication of the book was a response to UN Security Council Resolution 1325, which noted the absence of data about women's experience and response to armed conflict. The study sought to examine women's activism in response to armed conflict. The data that was gathered provides valuable information about the vital contribution of women and offers recommendations to the international community to foster this contribution and encourage their response, by providing women with the equipment and information that they need to rise up.

The book was written by Jane Barry and is a project of the Urgent Action Fund for Women's Human Rights (UAF), an independent nonprofit organization that promotes women's human rights.

The book is downloadable free of charge on the UAF website.

Compiled from: "Rising Up in Response," NEWW - Polska, 23 November 2005.