New Publication: “Documenting Women’s Rights Violations by Non-State Actors”
Monday, July 10, 2006 9:34 AM

“Documenting Women’s Rights Violations by Non-State Actors,” is a new publication by the International Centre for Human Rights and Democratic Development. It addresses all forms of violations from honor crimes and sexual crimes to family violence and sexual slavery.

The publication is written specifically for groups and individuals without strong legal backgrounds. It provides information on legal definition and human rights mechanisms in international law. The manual is designed to provide human rights activists and defenders the tools and information they need to influence States into protecting women from violence. The material provides methods that have already been effective in preventing human rights violations, particularly in Muslim communities.

More information can be found at:

Compiled from: “New Publication of Rights & Democracy (International Centre for Human Rights and Democratic Development): ‘Documenting Women’s Rights Violations by Non-state Actors’ is now available,” The Network of East-West Women-Polska/NEWW, 07 July 2006, Accessed 10 July 2006.