New Report on Gender, Trade Policy, and Environment Sustainability
Wednesday, April 5, 2006 2:15 PM

The report entitled "The EU's Responsibility at the WTO: Environment, Gender, and Development" has been published by the non-governmental organizations Friends of the Earth Europe and Women in Development Europe. The goals of the publication, as stated in the foreword, are to stimulate and promote civil society dialogue between the global North and South on matters of EU trade policy and WTO decisions. Based partially on a public hearing of the same name on November 9, 2005, given by the same organizations, the report utilizes professionals from various NGOs and government bureaus to discuss various issues of gender and social justice and environmental sustainability. Recent WTO actions, such as those taken at the Hong Kong ministerial meeting in December 2005, are called into question as promoting a "one-size-fits-all liberalization scheme" that proves to be detrimental for many groups, including women, as it increases women's double burden and doesn't take into account social justice measures or environmental protection. Issues diverse as gender-fair governance, environmental sustainability, biosafety, and human rights are addressed in the report, which was published under the patronage of the European Parliament's Intergroup on Globalization.

Compiled from: The EU's Responsibility at the WTO: Environment, Gender, and Development, ed. Mandy Mcdonald, Women in Development Europe. March 2006.