Nordic Countries: Demand for Measures against Trafficking
Tuesday, May 29, 2007 10:12 AM

Concrete measures must be taken to combat trafficking and prostitution in the Baltic States and Russia. One way is to share experiences with the Nordic countries to a much greater extent.

"Social workers, the police and other people at grass roots level should meet much more often. It is important that they acquaint themselves with solutions from other countries," said social worker Kristina Misiniene from Lithuania in Helsinki.

Working against trafficking and prostitution was the focus when the Nordic Council's Left-wing Socialist Green Group met in the Finnish parliament. The Nordic Council’s party groups, committees and Presidium gathered for their traditional January meetings.

Misiniene works for the aid organisation Caritas in Lithuania. A project to support victims of trafficking and prostitutes has been running since 2000.

"One problem is that many of the victims do not dare to testify. We do not have a witness protection programme that works," said Misiniene.

The Danish MP Line Barfod mentioned the Nordic countries hotel boycott. People involved in this Nordic co-operation must only use hotels that can guarantee that they do not sell sex services.

"This type of recommendation can be spread to the other countries in the Baltic Sea Region," she noted.

The Nordic countries and the Nordic Council of Ministers have taken the initiative to fight trafficking and help socially vulnerable children in the adjacent areas. The new Secretary General of the Council of Ministers, Halldór Ásgrímsson from Iceland, has emphasized that the problem demands attention.

Published in: "Demand for Measures Against Trafficking," NORDEN, 29 January 2007.