Online Globalization Journal Launched by Organization in Serbia and Montenegro
Tuesday, August 30, 2005 12:55 PM

The Women's Center for Democracy and Human Rights has launched a journal that addresses globalization issues as they relate to human rights, women's rights, law, economics, politics and social sciences. The journal is composed of scholarly articles written by experts in the abovementioned topics. In Southeastern Europe, an area where the countries have transitioned from or are transitioning from socialist economies to market economies, there is little information available to the public about globalization. This journal aims to provide this information, in both English and in Serbian. There will be numerous contributors, including the Association of Women's Rights in Development, Women in Development in Europe and others. It will be published online and in print twice yearly. The website will be updated twice monthly.

Compiled from: "About," Journal for Political Theory and Research on Globalization, Development and Gender Issues, 2005.