Fair Fund Empowers Girls and Women in Eastern Europe
Thursday, July 6, 2006 10:10 AM

FAIR Fund is an international organization created three years ago to support and encourage civic activism in the lives of young women to enhance their lives and their communities. The organization is based in Eastern Europe and Central Asia which are areas of the world where women are attaining their rights and taking on their role as equal citizens in the community. As women take a more active role in the development of their civil society, FAIR Fund provides support and financial assistance.

The organization works with local advisors and organizations to determine the needs of women in the communities. The programs thus far have focused on gender violence, human trafficking, and girls’ empowerment. Its comprehensive programs are made up of community outreach, media campaigns, workshops, and various forms of education, each tailored to the needs of the specific program. One of these programs is FemVote, which develops young women’s skills of organizing campaigns and workshops in order to take a more active role in civil society. Aside from the projects that FAIR Fund coordinates, the organization also provides support and seed funding to local established organizations to ensure the sustainability of more specialized programs.

FAIR Fund has an International Women’s Advisory Council made up of young women leaders which focuses on the needs of women and youth in isolated areas in order to incorporate them into the projects. Thus far, over 10,000 young people have been reached by FAIR Funds programs. In addition, forty social service organizations in eleven different countries have been provided with technical assistance and program support.

Compiled from: "About Fair Fund," Fair Fund, http://www.fairfund.org, Accessed 6 June 2006.