PBS Releases Film Series on Human Trafficking
Friday, October 12, 2007 9:10 AM

PBS has created a 6-film series on human trafficking. The series follows the story of man trying to find his wife whom be believes has been trafficked.  This search leads him to even posing as a trafficker himself in order to buy his wife back. PBS's FRONTLINE utilizes hidden cameras to give an up-close look at the sex industry through observing and speaking with both traffickers and trafficked women. 

Each film is approximately 9 minutes long. To access, click on the following links.

Sex Trade: Part One

Sex Trade: Part Two

Sex Trade: Part Three

Sex Trade: Part Four

Sex Trade: Part Five

Sex Trade: Part Six

For the series webpage, click here.

Compiled from: "SEX TRADE FILMS - PBS Frontline 6-Film Series," Women's United Nations Report Network, 6 October 2007.