Report on "Indicators to Measure Violence against Women"
Wednesday, April 23, 2008 2:54 PM

A 2007 report prepared for a UN Expert Group Meeting (which assists the Commission on the Status of Women) outlines a number of possible indicators of violence against women, so as to aid states in creating evidence-based policy.

The report intends to develop indicators which can measure the "scope, prevalence, and incidence" of violence against women.  The importance of such indicators is that they can assess whether a policy addressing violence against women is deteriorating or improving the number of occurences of violence against women in that state. 

The report covers a full discussion of indicators of violence against women, including: an overview of what indicators are, an overview of current initiatives and indicators used by various states, the numerous options for developing indicators to measure violence against women, and recommendations for a best indicator policy.

To access the full report, click here.

Compiled from: "Indicators to Measure Violence Against Women." Slyvia Walby, UN Expert Group Meeting, October 2007.