Press Release: Seminar Seeks Effective Data Collection to Aid Fight against Domestic Violence
Wednesday, August 22, 2007 3:46 PM

Press release – 449(2007)

Seminar seeks effective data collection to aid fight against domestic violence

Strasbourg, 26.06.2006 - Lack of effective Europe-wide data collection on domestic violence against women is impeding attempts to combat the problem, according to the 47 nation Council of Europe.

The Strasbourg-based human rights organisation is bringing together European experts to focus on this issue during a seminar, organised as part of the Council of Europe’s Campaign to Combat Violence against Women, including Domestic Violence, in Lisbon, Portugal on Thursday July 5. (New University of Lisbon, Auditorio da Reitoria)

The seminar takes place at a time when domestic violence is being recognised as a major human rights abuse throughout Europe – with statistics pointing to the fact that one-fifth to one-quarter of women have experienced physical violence at least once during their adult lives, and more than one-tenth have suffered sexual violence involving the use of force. Yet statistical data remains patchy from country to country, a major impediment to the development of effective solutions.

The seminar, which will open at 9.30 am with an address by the Portuguese Minister of the Presidency Pedro Silva Pereira, will look at different approaches to data collection, including surveys among the population or administrative data from organisations and institutions which provide services for victims of such violence. It will focus on methods for collecting and using such data, and on international developments in harmonising data collection. It is open to the media.

More information on the web: Campaign to Combat Violence against Women, including domestic violence.

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