New Project to Address Domestic Violence in South Baltic
Tuesday, June 16, 2009 11:43 AM

In May 2009, The Network of East-West Women (NEWW), Kretinga Women’s Information and Training Center, The Women’s Shelter of Karlshamn and Blagosemya from Kaliningrad started a two year project aimed at addressing domestic violence in the South Baltic.

While the countries of the South Baltic adopted the Platform for Action in 1995, progress in implementing the plan has been slow, according to NEWW. Approximately 45% of all women in the South Baltic have suffered some form of violence at the hands of men.

One of the primary needs in the fight to end violence against women in this region is funding.  According to NEWW, there is almost no financial support for NGOs working in the field of violence against women in the South Baltic.  The new project will focus on changing this by developing a network in the region to combat violence against women.

The project will also seek to raise awareness about violence against women in local law enforcement and communities, promote good practices, and establish a framework for policies against violence against women.

Visit the South Baltic Programme or go to NEWW to learn more.

Compiled from: "New Project of NEWW- "The South Baltic Violence Free Zone," NEWW (9 May 2009).