Religious Leaders Learn to Identify and Respond to Domestic Violence
Wednesday, February 20, 2008 11:13 AM

In New York, Rabbi Diana Manber initiated Dayenu! (Enough!), a project that trains religious and spiritual leaders to identify signs of domestic violence. During her presentations, she debunks using religious texts to encourage women to stay in abusive situations and educates participants about the psychological and behavioral dimensions of domestic violence situations. She began training rabbis in 2005; to date, she has trained over 300 clergy, in partnership with the New York Council of Churches. The Family Justice Center, working with the New York City mayor’s office, uses federal funding from the Violence Against Women Act of 2004 to support the trainings. Religious leaders can connect women to resources after being educated on how to respond to domestic violence.

Compiled from: “In NYC, Church Joins State in Preventing Abuse,” Soguel, Dominique, WeNews, 8 February 2008.