Report Assesses International Criminal Court's Impact on Reducing Sexual Violence in Conflict Situations
Monday, October 12, 2009 10:50 AM

A new report published by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute assesses the effectiveness of the International Criminal Court (ICC) in reducing acts of sexual violence in armed conflict. The report explores whether the existence of the ICC acts as a deterrent for gender-based violence in conflict situations, and whether perpetrators of sexual violence can be brought to justice under provisions of the Rome Statute specifically addressing gender violence. The report also offers recommendations for improving the ICC’s ability to actually and symbolically reduce violence against women by characterizing gender-based violence in conflict situations as an international war crime.


Compiled from: Ashley Dallman, "Prosecuting Conflict-Related Sexual Violence at the International Criminal Court," SIPRI Insights on Peace and Security No. 2009/1 (May 2009).