Report Urges UK Government to Improve Services for Women Facing Violence
Monday, January 8, 2007 11:08 AM

A report released in the UK by the End Violence Against Women Campaign expresses concerns that government is not doing enough to support women who are survivors of violence.  The campaign includes a network of NGOs led by Amnesty International and describes violence against women as "domestic violence, forced marriage, crimes in the name of honour, rape and sexual assault, trafficking, female genital mutilation, sexual harassment and stalking."

The report gives the government a two out of ten rank in its ability and achievement in addressing these issues.  Women's Minister, Meg Munn, suggests that the report does not adequatley  acknowledge the real progress that the government has made in the area.   The report, in turn, criticizes the lack of cooperation across departments and cites a need for greater resources to increase services.   

Compiled from: "Action Urged Over Abuse of Women," BBC News Online.  23 Novemeber 2006.