Saudi Sexual Assault Survivor Pardoned
Tuesday, December 18, 2007 12:20 PM

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia pardoned a female sentenced to 200 lashes. The accused female was found unaccompanied with a man outside of her family.

The woman met with the man in a car in order to obtain a photograph she did not want distributed. While in the car, the two were sexually assaulted by seven men.  The attackers received up to nine years imprisonment.

The two victims of the attack were sentenced to ninety lashes. Women in Saudi Arabia are prohibited from interacting with men outside of their family. The woman appealed the verdict and the sentence was increased to 200 lashes.

The Saudi justice ministry claims international pressure had nothing to do with King Abdullah’s decision.

Compiled from: “Saudi King ‘Pardons Rape Victim’,” BBC News, 17 December 2007.