Second International Conference on Domestic Violence Held in Armenia
Thursday, December 21, 2006 11:37 AM

In the framework of the Council of Europe’s pan-European campaign to combat violence against women, including domestic violence, 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence annual campaign and, following the 2004-2010 Republic of Armenia National Action Plan on Improving the Status of Women and Enhancing Their Role in Society, the Women's Rights Center, as the Secretariat of the International Consortium for Domestic Violence, with the financial support of the OSI East-East program, OSIAF-Armenia Network Women’s Program and Global Fund for Women on 4-6 December 2006 has organized the Second International Conference on Domestic Violence, which took place in Yerevan, Armenia.

The Conference was attended by experts on the issue of domestic violence from non-governmental and international organizations, governmental structures of the following countries: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland, Serbia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, USA, Holland, Cyprus and Armenia.

The Conference was focused on the situation on domestic violence legislation in the countries with good practice, countries that are starting to make certain steps in that direction and countries with no experience at all, exchange of appropriate experience, finding the best ways of prevention and prosecution of domestic violence.

The Conference had also the aim of expanding the International Consortium for Domestic Violence (ICDV) which was founded in October of 2005. The Charter of the Consortium was presented to the attention of the participants and they were given certain time to consider it and sign the Memorandum in case of expressing their willingness to join the Consortium.

In the framework of the cultural part of the Conference all participants visited ancient Armenian pagan temple Garni and ancient church Geghard after which they were invited to Armenian national restaurant where each participant had an opportunity to present her/his national dance and song.

The Secretariat of the Consortium is planning to make such Conferences annual, involving more and more countries from all over the world. The ICDV aims at viewing domestic violence as not a country’s internal problem, but rather treating it as an urgent global problem, which will require searching for the ways of solution on the international level.

Published in: Press Release, Second International Conference on Domestic Violence, Women's Rights Center, Global Fund for Women, Open Society Institute, 4-6 December 2006.