United Nations Security Council Seeks Increased Role for Women in Peace-Building Processes
Monday, October 12, 2009 4:50 PM

Nine years after passing a resolution encouraging countries to address the under-representation of women in peace-building processes, the United Nations Security Council is again asking for increased participation of women at all levels of conflict resolution decision-making. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has declared the issue a “top priority for the United Nations,” requesting that all Member States adopt National Action Plans on the resolution before its tenth anniversary. (UN News Centre).

Increased women’s participation in conflict resolution processes would ensure full consideration of gender issues in post-conflict planning, and could help end impunity for violence against women and other gender-based crimes. Allowing women to participate in conflict resolution processes would also contribute to more effective and long-lasting solutions in recovering communities.

Currently, women represent less than ten percent of the official negotiating members at peace talks. In many countries, women are excluded from post-conflict planning because of violence, intimidation, and cultural discrimination. To overcome these obstacles, the Security Council is urging Member States to adopt National Action Plans improving economic conditions, physical security, education and healthcare for women while increasing opportunities for women to participate in post-conflict decision-making.

Compiled from: UN News Centre, “Women Must Play Full Part in Peace-Building, Security Council Declares” (5 October 2009).