Serbian TV Airs Documentaries on Domestic Violence
Friday, August 18, 2006 2:05 PM

SOS – Dossier (Violence in the Family), a four part documentary series will be aired on Serbian television.  The documentary addresses the impact of domestic violence in the lives of several women living in Southern Serbia.  SOS – Dossier was produced by the Vranje Human Rights Committee and Vranje Press Agency (AVP). This series is the first of its kind to be shown as an educational program on Serbian television, according to Suzana Antic-Ristic, Executive Director of SOS Dossier Project and coordinator of Vranje Human Rights Committee office (CHRIS network). Serbian TV stations can receive the series free of charge by contacting the producers at avpvr@ptt.yu.

Compiled from: Dilic, Kora; Documentary Series on Domestic Violence, The Network of East West Women - Polska, August 18, 2006.