Sexual Assault in the Military Underreported
Monday, September 15, 2008 10:52 AM

On 27 August 2008, the Family Violence Prevention Fund published an article documenting the grave concerns surrounding sexual assault in the military. At a House hearing in July, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) reported that sexual assault and rape were considerably underreported. The GAO estimated that there were two times more cases than were currently being reported. Victims of sexual assault or rape in the military may choose not to report the assaults because of fear of harming their career or fear of the stigma attached to such a report. 

The article also noted that the GAO criticized the Department of Defense for weaknesses in protection and prevention programs. It was noted that it is important for Commanders to support such programs so that their personnel will be informed about policies surrounding the issue of sexual assault. Senator Hillary Clinton called for further investigations into reports of sexual assault and rape in the military. The GAO encouraged a comprehensive framework for prevention of assaults and inquiry into reported cases of assault.  

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To read the Preliminary Observations on DOD’s and the Coast Guard’s Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Programs, click here.

Compiled from: “Sexual Assault in the Military Underreported”, Family Violence Prevention Fund, 27 August 2008.