Sexual Violence in DRC Continues to Increase
Tuesday, September 11, 2007 1:57 PM

The level of sexual violence against women in DRCongo has been reported as "almost unimaginable" by a top U.N. humanitarian official. The sexual assault is reportedly being carried out by various armed groups including members of the Congolese military. John Holmes, the coordinator of U.N. emergency relief operations, has stated that 4,500 cases of sexual violence have been reported in just one eastern province since January. Accounts include women being gang-raped in front of a crowd and their husband. The U.N. has reported that 300,000 people have become displaced since December. 


Compiled from: "Prevalence of Rape in E. Congo Described as Worst in the World," Stephanie McCrummen, Washington Post, 9 September 2007.