Stop Stoning and Killing Women!—Campaign against Gender Violence
Thursday, December 13, 2007 12:13 PM

Women Living Under Muslim Laws is a group of organizations and individuals from 70 countries.  WLUML has launched a new campaign titled “Stop Stoning and Killing Women!”  Stoning is a legal punishment for sexual intercourse outside of marriage in some countries.  WLUML wants to expose incidents of violence against women and garner international support.  The campaign engages the Professor Dr. Yakin Ertürk’s recommendations in “Intersections between Culture and Violence against Women,” namely, challenging oppressive elements of culture while highlighting positive cultural elements in addition to speaking about violence against women within the larger context of inequality and human rights violations.  Other issues that WLUML engages are anti-militarization, defense against fundamentalism, women’s bodily autonomy, and gender equality.

Compiled from: Global Campaign to Stop Stoning and Killing Women,” UN-INSTRAW, November 2007 E-News.