Tackling Human Trafficking - Consultation on Proposals for a UK Action Plan
Thursday, June 1, 2006 10:40 AM

The UK published a report to receive feedback on a proposal for a UK Action Plan to combat human trafficking.  The report identifies three major areas in which the UK must focus its efforts: (1) prevention, (2) investigation, prosecution and law enforcement and (3) providing protection and assistance to victims.  Each area includes a summary of UK efforts in each specific area in the past, a plan for that area in the future, as well as questions for consultation.

Within prevention, the UK plans to focus on research, prevention of trafficking at the source and demand reduction.  The government proposes: comprehensive research of all issues of human trafficking beyond the sexual exploitation of women; expanding prevention efforts to include efforts in countries of origin as well as protecting the borders of the UK; and addressing conditions within the UK that create demand for trafficking victims.  The investigation, prosecution and law enforcement area will address the response to human trafficking.  This aspect of the action plan will focus on investigating and prosecuting organized crime groups and educating police officers about trafficking.  Protection and assistance to victims focuses on identifying victims at the earliest stage and facilitating their reintegration into their home countries.  The proposed action plan will address protection of victims, short-term and long-term support and support for victims when cooperating with prosecutions of traffickers.   

Compiled from: "Tackling Human Trafficking - Consultation on Proposals for a UK Action Plan", Home Office and Scottish Executive (5 Jan. 2006).  (PDF 30 pages).