Theater Production Raises Awarness of Trafficking in America
Monday, January 8, 2007 10:47 AM

Tempest Productions is launching a national campaign to raise awareness of the problems of child abuse and trafficking among children and teens in America.  The production, named Body & Sold, intends to tell the stories of children and teenagers who were lured into and survived prostitution.

Body & Sold is a network of theaters and institutions working together to increase national consciousness on the links between child abuse, runaways and prostitution.  Started in Boston, it uses stories of survivors from Boston, Hartford and Minneapolis to tell narrate the horrific situations that these children face.  The production plans a coast-to-coast tour beginning March 2007.

Complied from: "Body & Sold," National Campaign to Raise Awareness about Sex Trafficking of American Children and Teens, Tempest Productions. 8 January 2007.