UK Police Report on Lessons Learned from Domestic Violence Enforcement
Tuesday, February 20, 2007 12:58 PM

The United Kingdom Police Force, which serves England, Wales and Northern Ireland released a publication, "Lessons Learned from the Domestic Violence Enforcement Campaigns 2006," to assist and inform police force on dealing with domestic violence crimes.

The campaign came about as a response to increased national attention to domestic violence and other crimes associated with domestic violence.  Beginning in February of 2006, police enacted the first Domestic Violence Enforcement Campaign.  The campaign identified three important areas necessary to improve domestic violence enforcement:

  1. Improved investigation at call receipt/control room
  2. Improved evidence gathering at the scene
  3. Targeting offenders

The first campaign was followed by a lessons learned conference, from which police moved forward with a second campaign beginning in June and coinciding with the FIFA World Cup.  The police reported effective strategies.  They emphasized the importance of collaboration with other partner agencies.  The report also includes a review of relevant legislation, including human rights legislation.  Using human rights legislation as a tenet indicates recognition of violence against women as a violation of human rights.

It is important to note that the police work is focused on incidences that involve alcohol and sporting events, rather than addressing systemic societal issues.

Compiled from: "Lessons Learned from the Domestic Violence Enforcement Campaigns, 2006." Police and Crime Standards Dictorate. October 2006.