UNHCR Helps Europe Combat Trafficking
Friday, August 4, 2006 11:29 AM

A recent study published in 2005, Combating Human Trafficking: Overview of UNHCR Anti-Trafficking Activities in Europe, analyses UNHCR’s efforts, programs, and impact on the continent. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees focuses on refugees and other persons vulnerable to trafficking as well as those people who have already been trafficked. UNHCR works in cooperation with governments, intergovernmental organizations, and NGOs to implement their programs and efforts to combat trafficking in the region. The study includes country-specific information and statistics, as well as legal frameworks and information on the implementation of programs. The intent of the report is to strengthen cooperation between UNHCR and its partners.

The report found that human trafficking in Europe is increasing, with an estimated 100-500,000 people trafficked into the continent each year. As the European Union expands, the border countries are becoming key transit routes into the area.  The report also found that most European countries have created action plans to combat trafficking, but the implementation process has not been smooth. The report also found that the main focus of these programs is on responding to trafficking, not addressing the root of the problem or prevention.

Compiled from:UNHCR’s role in combating human trafficking in Europe,” Malika Floor, Refugee Studies Centre, Forced Migration Review, May 2006, accessed 4 August 2006.