UNIFEM Self-Help Kit for Victims of Violence
Monday, October 3, 2005 11:20 AM

Saarthak, a mental health NGO, has developed a self-help kit for victims of violence. The kit is available in both English and Hindi.  The kit is accessible for those who cannot read as it contains six cassettes "which describe a journey to explore suggestions for surviving the pain of violence, empower users with information to help normalize the impact of violence, and de-stigmatize the process of seeking help."

The first cassette guides users in recognizing various forms of violence and their effects. The second cassette focuses on ending self-blame and helping the user break way from the violence. The third cassette offers the user a method to begin to take control of her own life. The fourth cassette is on learning to challenge negative thoughts and cope with negative feelings. The fifth cassette concentrates on future planing, healthy relationships, and being self-sufficient. The sixth cassette focuses on the ability to enjoy and celebrate life as well as help others.

For further information please contact Meenakshi Ahluwalia, meenakshi.ahluwalia@undp.org

Compiled from: "UNIFEM Self-Help Kit for Victims of Violence" Currents UNIFEM's Electronic Newsletter, September 2005