UNODC Reports that No Country is Immune to Human Trafficking
Wednesday, May 3, 2006 11:25 AM

"Trafficking in Persons: Global Patterns," is the most recent report released by the UNODC.  The report identifies 127 countries of origin, 98 transit countries and 137 destination countries for human trafficking.  It emphasizes that international efforts to stop trafficking have been hindered by the lack of accurate data, which shows an overall unwillingness of some countries to admit their internal problems.  The report ranked states on a scale from "very low" to "very high" as countries of origin and destination.  It was found that people are usually trafficked from poor countries to affluent ones and that in most cases women and children are the ones targeted.

To access the full report, please visit: Trafficking in Persons-Global Patterns.

Compiled from: Virtually no country immune from human trafficking, UNODC report shows,, 24 April 2006.