Tajikistan: UN Special Rapporteur on Violence Against Women Completes Addendum "Mission to Tajikistan"
Monday, May 11, 2009 2:16 PM

On 29 April 2009, the United Nations Human Rights Council released the Addendum "Mission to Tajikistan" to the Report of the Special Rapporteur on Violence Against Women.

The Addendum states that although Tajikistan's laws guarantee gender equality, this often does not happen in practice, due to a weak protective infrastructure and societal values deeply rooted in patriarchy. Violence against women and gender discrimination remain major problems in the country, and women in Tajikistan face disproportionately high levels of poverty and unemployment.

To access the Addendum, please click here.

Compiled from: Women's UN Report Network (WUNRN) (11 May 2009).