UN Women's Rights Official Recognizes Increases in Domestic Violence Laws
Wednesday, December 13, 2006 9:50 AM

UNIFEM Executive Director Noeleen Heyzer recently told reporters in New York that there has been worldwide progress on the issue of violence against women.  Since 2003, there has been an increase to 60 countries with domestic violence laws while 89 countries are recognized as having some sort of legislative provision to deal with domestic violence.

The trend has also increased funding, as the UN Trust Fund to end Violence Against Women-disbursed by UNIFEM- is set to distribute nearly $4 million in aide on such initiatives this year.  Despite the positive increases, there is still progress to be made.  The biggest challenge is to ensure that the new laws are effectively monitored and enforced, especially on a local level.

Compiled from: "More countries have laws banning domestic violence, says UN women’s rights official," UN News Center 22 November 2006.