Ukraine has Most Trafficked
Tuesday, February 27, 2007 9:18 AM

The International Migration Organization (IMO) recently reported that over 17,000 Ukraninan women, children and men are victims of trafficking.  This is more than any other country from the former Soviet Union.

Victims find themselves lured into explotative situations across Europe, Russia and the Middle East because of lack of economic opportunity within Ukraine, officials say.  IOM points to evidence that Ukraine is one of the main trafficking hubs for prostitution, labor and domestic servitude.

While the reported number of trafficked humans is the highest in the region, IOM suggests that the actual number is underreported, since many victims are afraid or unable to contact authorities. 

Compiled from: "Ukraine leads in number of human trafficking victims in Eastern Europe, group says," Associated Press, International Herald Tribune, 19 February 2007.