UN Special Rapporteur on VAW in Georgia for Meeting on "Domestic Violence National Response in Georgia- The Steps Forward"
Tuesday, May 29, 2007 1:35 PM

On May 8, 200t, Ms. Yakin Ertük, UN Special Rapporteur on Violence Against Women, attended a Country Consultation Meeting on Domestic Violence National Response in Georgia- The Steps Forward, hosted by the UN Country Team in Georgia and the Advisory Council on Gender Equality Issues for the Speaker of the Georgian Parliament.  Members of the Parliament of Georgia, Deputy Ministers, and Heads of UN Agencies in Georgia also attended the meeting.

Domestic Violence and Child Abuse in Georgia: An Assessment of Current Standings of Law and Practice Regarding Domestic Violence and Child Abuse in Georgia, and Recommendations for Future United Nations Country Team Involvement, co-authored by The Advocates for Human Rights and the Institute for Policy Studies in Georgia, served as a background paper for the discussion and was shared with all of the participants. 

The findings of the Assessment show that, although the government of Georgia is making progress in this area, improvement is needed with regard to the capacity building of law enforcement professionals, the judiciary, and health care and social service workers, and in the funding and establishment of shelters and other means of victim support.

Participants discussed steps to improve implementation of the Law on Domestic Violence in Georgia and to achieve a coordinated national response to the issue of domestic violence.  The UN Country Team, led by UNFPA and with the participation of UNICEF, UNDP, UNIFEM and the UN RC Office, plans to work with the Government of Georgia on these issues to find the best possible approaches and context-specific solutions to the problem of domestic violence.