United Kingdom Report Says Domestic Violence Accounts for 16% of Reported Violent Incidents
Tuesday, November 18, 2008 1:01 PM

A report released by the United Kingdom’s Home Office in October found that 16 percent of reported violent incidents constitute acts of domestic violence. The report also found that victims of domestic violence are more likely to be victims again in the future than are victims of any other crime. Repeat victimization occurs for domestic violence victims 73% of the time, and 27% of victims were victimized three or more times.

The report continues by discussing objectives to combat the crime. These include early identification and intervention, working with the domestic violence sector, support structures, improving the justice system’s response, and supporting victims through the criminal justice system.

The U.K. already has at least 98 special domestic violence courts throughout the country which have been shown to improve victims’ safety and access to justice. More than 70% of cases were prosecuted successfully in the courts.

Compiled from: Mulholland, Hélène. Domestic violence accounts for 16% of reported violent incidents, report says, The Guardian (31 October 2008); National Domestic Violence Delivery Plan: Annual progress report 2007/08, Home Office (October 2008).