WAVE releases update on Council of Europe Campaign
Tuesday, March 6, 2007 9:35 AM

Women Against Violence Europe, or WAVE, continues to track the progress of the Council of Europe's (COE) "Stop Violence Against Women" Campaign.  The campaign will continue through 2007 and early 2008.

Progress in the COE campaign includes most members having appointing Focal Points in the national parliament to carry out the campaign and a majority of states appointing High Level Officials for the campaign and Focal Points in the governments.  WAVE encourages all participating countries to take the next step and set up a National Task Force made up of experts in the field, followed by a National Action Plan.  WAVE encourages these actions to take place with COE Focal Point appointees. 

WAVE also includes information on how to encourage governments to participate in the action, and ways in which NGOs can secure government support through actions of the COE campaign.  Progress, according to WAVE, is possible through action and collaboration.

Additionally, COE has set up five regional seminars to address different aspects of domestic violence services and best practices for legal professionals, researchers, activists and other service providers in the field.  Some of the subjects include

  1. Legal measures to combat violence against women
  2. Men's active participation in combating domestic violence
  3. Data collection in the area of violence against women
  4. Services for victims of domestic violence

COE also has plans to organize a December conference on shelters for domestic violence.  The conference aims create a dialogue around the guidelines and standards for effective shelters.  As an expert in the field, WAVE will participate in the conference and distribute its own literature on best practices. 

The campaign offers information and resources for countries to become involved in the campaign, including information on country level participants.  WAVE offers contact information for COE members and officers. 

Compiled from: Information Sheet (3): Stop Violence Against Women Campaign 2007-2008 "Let's Make a Difference," WAVE-Network & European Info Centre Against Violence, www.wave-network.org