Women’s Leadership Scholarship: Call for Applications
Monday, December 10, 2007 9:25 AM

The Women’s Leadership Scholarship (WLS) (formerly the Native Leadership Scholarship) program creates educational opportunities for women activists, grassroots leaders, and organizers from the Global South and/or from indigenous groups. WLS invests in women's leadership by supporting non-doctoral graduate education in human rights, sustainable development, and public health in many places around the world. The WLS awards four to eight scholarships, up to US$25,000 per academic year, for a maximum of two years. The awards help the recipients meet the costs of tuition, fees, books, educational supplies, housing, maintenance, and travel to and from the home country and the educational institution.

Pre-applications for the 2008-09 academic year will be available on our website on January 1, 2008.  For more information please visit www.nativeleaders.org. Please distribute this message widely. Information about WLS is available in Spanish and French on our website.