Activity Schedule for UN Secretary-General's Study on Violence Against Women
Thursday, September 1, 2005 10:00 AM

Based on a 2003 request by the General Assembly, the UN Secretary General will conduct a detailed study on violence against women. The UN Division for the Advancement of Women has taken responsibility for carrying out the study. The report will be released in September 2006 and aims to provide information about the causes, consequences and costs of violence against women. Those working on the study expect that the process as well as the report will raise awareness about all types of violence against women around the world, inspire impetus for change and provide best practices for effective prevention and elimination of violence against women. In the meantime, there are scheduled activities, including workshops, discussions and consultations that will highlight the study.

Compiled from: "UN Secretary General's Study on Violence Against Women: Schedule of Activities," UN Division for the Advancement of Women, 15 August 2005.