Additional Resources

last updated 31 May 2013

Additional Resources on Complaint Mechanism

General Information on the Committee against Torture can be found on the UN website.

Information about the complaint mechanism under Article 22 of the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment is also available on the UN site.

Further information about the Committee against Torture may also be found on UN Fact Sheet 17.

Frontline, an Irish NGO, has created a Human Rights Defenders Manual, which includes detailed information on submitting complaints to the Committee against Torture in cases of specific human rights violations.

Additional Resources on Reporting Mechanism

The website for the Committee against Torture includes text of the Convention and Optional Protocols, status of ratification, reservations and declarations, general recommendations of the Committee, and the calendar of sessions, which includes State party reports, lists of issues, NGO shadow reports, and concluding observations. More information on writing shadow reports, using shadow reports strategically, and sample NGO reports can be found in the Human Rights Investigation and Documentation section of this website.