Advocate for Women in Armenia -- Send this letter today
Tuesday, October 22, 2019 11:40 AM

The Advocates for Human Rights is issuing a call to action to help our partners in Armenia. Our partners, the Sexual Assault Crisis Center (SACC) and the Women’s Resource Center in Armenia, are under attack. After their release of a book to prevent sexual abuse of children, these organizations have become the targets of an extremist nationalist group of violent men. These men have made threats of death, rape, and violence to members of these organizations. Law enforcement agencies have failed to take sufficient action to investigate the men’s actions and provide protection to the women under threat. Instead of holding the alleged offenders accountable, the authorities have begun investigating activities of the women’s NGOs. Please take action to help by signing and sending this letter to the Prime Minister of Armenia. View and download the letter here. Thank you for supporting our international partners in stopping violence against women.