Afghanistan: Judicial System Provides Accountability for Police Perpetrators of Sexual Assault
Friday, November 9, 2012 10:10 AM

Four Afghan police officers have been imprisoned for sexually assaulting a young girl in Kunduz Province. With this judgment Afghan judicial system has demonstrated its ability to bring powerful forces to justice.
According to witnesses, the police unit’s commander backed the crime, allowing his truck to be used for the rape and encouraging his men to participate in the crime. He is known for being in a close relationship with many local power brokers and people with his status are usually considered untouchable. However, he was detained after President Hamid Karzai declared that all criminals should be brought to justice.
Fawzia Koofi, who is a member of the Afghan Parliament, stated that, “It is important that [the police] were brought to Kabul and to justice, not only to get punishment, but so that they get negative publicity for the bad things they do. [The police’s] misuse of power that makes more Afghan victims is greater than their positive impact”.
A grandfather of the victim believes this conviction will help to increase trust in the government and reduce the fear of unjust police. 12 local tribal elders came to Kabul to support the victim’s family and they will pass this message on.
Compiled from: Sukhanyar, Jawad and Rubin, Alissa J., 4 Members of Afghan Police Are Found Guilty in Rape, The New York Times (Nov 7, 2012).