Algeria: Report Documents Inadequate State Support for Domestic Violence Survivors

The non-governmental organization Human Rights Watch (HRW) has released a new report finding that domestic violence survivors in Algeria lack access to justice, personal security or essential services, despite the government’s enactment of a 2015 law criminalizing domestic violence. According to HRW, many victims remain vulnerable to further abuse because of conservative social norms, “[p]olice inaction, insufficient shelter space, and ineffective investigation and prosecution” of domestic violence crimes. The report recommends that Algeria adopt comprehensive domestic violence legislation that prioritizes victim protection and support, including laws that grant victims the right to seek an order for protection. HRW also recommends specialized domestic violence training for police and prosecutors, as well as increased government support for essential victim services. 

The full report, “’Your Destiny is to Stay with Him’: State Response to Domestic Violence in Algeria,” is available on HRW’s website.


Compiled from: Algeria: Inadequate Response to Domestic Violence, Women Abandoned to Abusers, Left Without ServicesHuman Rights Watch News (April 23, 2017).