Amnesty International Releases Checklist on Justice for Violence Against Women
Sunday, April 24, 2011 10:30 PM

Amnesty International released a document providing a six-point checklist for activists and advocates working to remove barriers to justice for women and girls who have experienced sexual and gender-based violence. The checklist is derived from international human rights law and standards. It presents six questions that correspond to the steps victims undertake in seeking justice.

The checklist includes questions such as, “Are the existing laws adequate?” and, “Are there specific obstacles which prevent a victim from accessing appropriate services in a timely way?” These questions help activists and advocates to identify obstacles to justice and are intended to aid in the removal or reform of laws and policies that are detrimental to the attainment of justice for survivors of violence against women.

Compiled from: WUNRNSix-Point Checklist on Justice for Violence Against Women, (8 March 2010).