April 2013 VAW Monitor



April 2013


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StopVAW Website News  

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New Research and Reports

The Stop Violence Against Women website (StopVAW) is a forum for information, advocacy, and change. The site addresses violence against women as one of the most pervasive human rights abuses worldwide. StopVAW provides women's rights advocates with information and advocacy tools focused on ending the most endemic forms of violence against women, including domestic violence, sexual assault, sexual harassment, and trafficking in persons.



StopVawWebsiteNewsStopVAW Website News


StopVAW Update: The Lithuania main country page and National Polices sub-page were updated. Learn more



FINAL Call for Submissions: The Advocates for Human Rights is accepting information on new laws, rules, or regulations, programmes, or promising practices that address domestic violence, sexual assault, sex trafficking, sexual harassment, FGM, harmful practices, maltreatment of widows, dowry-related violence, "honour" crimes, advocating for new laws or the reforming of existing laws, implementing laws, or monitoring of laws in your country for its work in updating the Legislation Module of UN Women's Global Knowledge Centre to End Violence Against Women and Girls.
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nationalnewsNational News




  • Armenia: Government Blocks Passage of Domestic Violence Bill  (More information)     











United Kingdom   

  • United Kingdom: Strong Commitment Made to End Female Genital Mutilation (More information)


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ResearchandReportsNew Research and Reports


New Report on Child Marriage in South Asia 

(More information)


New Resource: A Report on Female Genital Mutilation in the European Union and Croatia (More information)

New Resource: New Data on Gender-Based Violence in the European Union

(More information)

New Report: Informal Justice Systems and Human Rights (More information)

New Resource: A Guide to Gender-Sensitive Monitoring (More information)

New Resource: UNHCR Issues New Report on FGM and Asylum in the European Union (More information)


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InternationalandRegionalInternational and Regional News


European Court of Human Rights: Lithuanian Authorities Failed to Effectively Investigate Domestic Violence Case (More information)


United Nations Predicts High Rates of Child Marriage (More information)


United Nations: Promising Data Shows Decrease in Female Genital Mutilation

(More information) 


57th United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (More information)


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Is your country in the process of drafting or amending a domestic violence law?

The Advocates for Human Rights provides commentary to laws and amendments on domestic violence upon request. See examples of our Commentary on National Laws here.


Additionally, The Advocates for Human Rights works on domestic violence legal reform, including trainings for legal professionals and extensive research and reports that monitor domestic violence laws and implementation in partner countries. Learn more about this work.


To request commentary or to inquire further, please contact Cheryl Thomas at cthomas@advrights.org.


Current staff members of The Advocates for Human Rights involved with the development of StopVAW include: Mary Ellingen, Beatriz Menanteau, Mary O'Brien, Rosalyn Park, Robin Phillips, Helen Rubenstein, and Cheryl Thomas. Current fellows, interns, and volunteers include Eleanor Frisch, Calleigh McRaith, Karianne Jones, Jill Jensen, and Aurelija Olendraite.


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